What’s New

709, 2018

Diocesan Boy’s School Primary Division Selection Day

We have been invited to teach Japanese to the students of this school for 13 years. On the Course Selection Day we arranged some interactive games in which they could learn some Japanese culture and [...]

1408, 2018

Japanese Teacher Training Course

This course, taught by an experienced teacher Ms. Shizuko Sugiyama, who also plays an active part in the Japanese education field, includes Japanese language teaching methods and practices with theory. This course is suitable for [...]

808, 2018

Open Seminars in October

The next open seminars are going to be held in October that include a wide variety of topics such as Basic Business Manner, Effective Sales and Customer Service, Leading for Results and Logical Thinking. Please [...]

708, 2018

English Clinic

Mini English Conversation Lessons at lunch, at your office, at your convenience!

2407, 2018

Pasokichi Go!

For the first time ever, Pasona Education is incorporating AR technology into Japanese studies! Play this quiz game to win a prize!

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