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1305, 2018

Japanese Speech Contest

Primary School Poem Section Best Effort Bok Yi Tak Nathaniel Senior Secondary School Speech Section 2nd Place Wong Yi Ting Iori The excellent results demonstrate that the quality of our instruction has been widely recognized.

905, 2018

A creative oriental restaurant “HELLO KITTY SMILE” opened on Awaji Island

Pasona Group Inc. opened a creative oriental restaurant "HELLO KITTY SMILE" on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture on April 27, 2018. Please refer to the following link for more information: https://www.pasonagroup.co.jp/english/news/tabid770.html?itemid=2375&dispmid=1331 https://awaji-resort.com/hellokittysmile/en_index.html

805, 2018

Let’s go to Awaji Island together

Awaji Program is going to be held in October. You can learn the Japanese language and culture through chatting with Japanese interns, interviewing with local residents and participating in a wide variety of traditional Japanese events. [...]

2703, 2018

Open Seminars in June

The next open seminars are going to be held in June that include a wide variety of topics such as Logical Thinking, Effective Sales & Customer Service, Basic Business Manner and Effective Supervisory Skills. Please [...]

2603, 2018

Japanese Teacher Training Course

This course, taught by an experienced teacher Ms. Shizuko Sugiyama, who also plays an active part in the Japanese education field, includes Japanese language teaching methods and practices with theory. This course is suitable for [...]

903, 2018

Ichigo Daifuku Party

We had a wonderful morning on 9th March because the Japanese teachers taught us how to make "ichigo daifuku" (strawberry mochi) in the intensive Japanese class. These sweets, made from fresh strawberries and traditional red [...]

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