International Exchange Programme

Japanese Studies
Year : Aug 2011 – May 2016
Age : 10-15
Level : General Grade 5 – Mastering Grade 4

Kaya said that the best way to learn Japanese effectively was to chat with friends in Japanese, read more Japanese books and to look up new vocabulary using a dictionary.

Local Speech Contest
In 2016, Kaya came first in the “High School Japanese Speech Contest (HK)”; he thanked our Japanese teacher for inspiring and guiding him to include more of his feelings in the script so he could express himself more vividly and share his passion with the panel of judges.

International Speech Contest and Exchange Programme
Taking part in the international speech contest and the 10-day international exchange programme in Japan had been, in Kaya’s words, “a wonderful learning experience”. He got to spend a lot of time with local junior high school students and participants from other countries, interviewing a county magistrate, sharing experiences with local primary school students and visiting a museum. He said that the most impressive thing for him was the international exchange fair where participants introduced their country’s culture and language to others. He commented that making friends from other countries and speaking Japanese from day to night made this trip unforgettable.

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