Japanese Studies
Year : October 2016 – August 2019
Age : 13-16
Level : General Grade 5 – Advancing Grade 8

Iori said that her way to improve her Japanese was to read Japanese subtitles while watching Japanese variety shows, and to understand the meanings of lyrics while listening to Japanese songs.

Local Speech Contest
She thanked our Japanese teachers for inspiring her how to decide the topic of her speech, and guiding her how to write the scripts in a more attractive way. She highly appreciated that our Japanese teachers made a great amount of effort to help her to practise every week before the contest.

International Speech Contest and Exchange Programme
Taking part in the international speech contest and the 10-day international exchange programme in Japan had been, in Iori’s words, “an unforgettable learning experience”. She got to spend a lot of time with local junior high school students and participants from other countries, interviewing a county magistrate and visiting a food sample manufacturing factory. She commented that these activities were very valuable because people were normally not allowed to visit these places without any special permission.