Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses

Important Dates

Course Contents

Schedule: Mon~Fri, 10:00am~12:30pm & 1:30pm~4:00pm (5 hours per day / 25 hours per week, 11 weeks total)
Location: Pasona Facilities in Awaji, Hyogo, Japan
Level: G2 must be completed before joining Beginners course; G8 must be completed before joining Advancing course; A8 must be completed before joining Mastering course.
Remarks: ※ If you would like to join from the middle (or other points) of the course, please contact us to take a level assessment test.
※ Course dates may be subject to change under travel and COVID-19 restrictions. If the September 2022 Term is canceled due to changes in regulations, students may join the January 2023 Term.

Course Characteristics

➤ Student visas are not necessary as it is a 3-month course
➤ Experience the relaxed suburban lifestyle in Awaji Island while you study Japanese
➤ Join various extra-curricular activities and spend weekends with Pasona Group staff with additional fees (i.e., viewing or experiencing Japanese drums, riding bicycles)


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