Terms and conditions:

  1. The referrer must be a non-CEF course student in the February 2021 Term (i.e., Students currently enrolled in General G4 to G8 and Intensive General Courses are not eligible for this program), and must advance to the next grade in the June 2021 Term.
  2. The referred student must enroll in non-CEF courses (which excludes General G5 to G8 and Intensive General Courses) in the June 2021 Term.
  3. The referred student must be new students or former students previously enrolled in or before the June 2020 term. (Students who enrolled in the October 2020 term are not eligible for this program.)
  4. The referred student must provide the referrer’s name and mobile number upon enrollment. Providing this information after enrollment will not be accepted.
  5.  The referrer and the referred students will receive the rebate cash in late September after completing the course and settling the 4 installments in full.
  6. The maximum number of students a referrer can refer is four.
  7. The deadline of this referral program is June 15, 2021.
  8. Pasona Education Co. Ltd reserves the right of final decision regarding this referral program and when dispute arises, as well as the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.