Course Descriptions (Part I : 30 hours & Part II : 30 hours)

This course is designed to help beginners gain the ability to communicate successfully in real-world situations in a short period of time. It is suitable for those planning to live in Japan in the near future and will equip them with Japanese language skills and communication strategies to cope with everyday situations in Japan. Through various communication tasks, students will also learn ways to deepen relationships with Japanese people in their daily lives.

Part I (30 hours)

Part I Example Topics :

  • Greeting someone new

  • Riding a bus/taxi

  • Asking and telling time

  • Shopping

  • Using Telephone

  • Ordering food/drinks

  • Having a small talk

  • Describing your physical condition

  • Asking directions

Want to learn more about the course contents? Let’s watch the demo lessons below!

Course Information (Practical Japanese Course Part I) :

Date : (Tue) May 4 ~ (Fri) June 11, 2021

Time : Every Thursday & Friday  7:40pm-10:10pm

Platform : Online

Level : Beginners

Course Fees : HK$2,800

Material Fees : HK$400

※If situation allows, the lessons on (Fri) May 28 and (Fri) June 11 will take place in person for you to practice Japanese and interact with your teacher and classmates.

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