As a part of their class projects, Pasona Education’s Intensive Mastering Japanese Communication Course Stage 1, total 8 students, have interviewed some of the Pasona Group staff appointed to Awaji Island. The 4 interviewees were staff that were relocated from Tokyo to Awaji Island with their families between 2019 to April 2021. Through this interview, we could feel how enjoyable life is on Awaji Island.

About Pasona Group

Known for its comprehensive HR services, Pasona Group made providing ‘solutions to the society’s problems’ their corporate philosophy and has tackled various issues since the founding of the company. One of the projects tackled was the regional revitalization of Awaji Island, Hyogo, from 2008. With the purpose of revitalizing agriculture and independent farming, Challenge Farm was set up and was the beginning of ‘attracting talents’ to pursue Pasona Group’s project of regional revitalization. By creating industries that can gather people with dreams, such as culture, arts, health, food and education, Pasona Group creates an abundance of employment within the island. Furthermore, by opening facilities that utilizes regional resources and hosting various events, the charm of Awaji Island is exhibited to everyone, which brings visitors from Japan and also overseas.

In September 2020, it was announced for part of the Pasona Group Headquarters to relocate to Awaji Island.

awaji workation hub

Pasona Workation Hub

awaji pasona staff

Pasona Group Interviewees

About the Interview

awaji family office

Pasona Family Office

Differences in Life in Tokyo and Awaji Island

“When we lived in Tokyo, commute took more than an hour including sending our child to nursery. Now, because the day care is in the office building, we can take our time in the morning. My child and I are very happy to be able to spend more time as a family. (by I.M.)”

“Often times, we would take our children to the department store or the park on our days off in Tokyo. After moving to Awaji Island, we now spend more time playing in the nature and are able to enjoy more relaxing family time together. We also feel safe because the population isn’t as condensed. (by O.T.)”

The Charm of Awaji Island

“You can reach Kobe by car within an hour, so I really like that Awaji Island is close to both metropolis and nature. At night you can hear the buzzing of insects and see a sky full of stars, and in the day you can walk along the beach; it really is very satisfying. My husband was born and raised in Tokyo so he was happy to be living in the countryside. Activities unique to island life such as fishing can be enjoyed every day. As my husband is very good at cooking, he often prepares his catch of the day into sashimi. (by H.C.)”

“Good points about Awaji are that the locals are very kind, as well as being able to experience the seasonal changes in the mountains and the sea, and also the seasonal food ingredients. I can feel the four seasons with my five senses! (by I.M.)”

awaji sunset
awaji map

Map of Awaji Island

About Children’s Education

“Our child is only 2 years old and is very curious. They can now grow freely and healthily in this incredible environment surrounded by nature. (by H.C.)”

Jobs for The Family on Awaji Island

“Taking this relocation as an opportunity, my husband has been employed by Pasona Group through the general recruitment interview. On Awaji Island, a wide variety of jobs are available, such as office work or work at the various facilities, which is a relief even with regards to career. (by I.M.)”

Effects of Pasona’s Work on the Locality

“Because of Pasona Group’s efforts, I think there has been more sightseeing visitors. With continuing efforts on regional revitalization, it seems we are seeing results of other companies starting their business on Awaji Island, along with an increment of people moving in. (by W.N.)”

With an increase of people living here, the economy of the city will expand at the same time. As the city and towns become more lively, it would bring more children and young people to the area. We would like to continue to make contribution in various areas. (by O.T.)

Differences in Work Contents Between Tokyo and Awaji Island

In Tokyo, more work is catered towards B2B (business to business) transactions, whereas in Awaji Island, more work is catered towards B2C (business to consumer) transactions, such as restaurants and amusement park. (by W.N.)”

awaji chef garden

Awaji Chef’s Garden

awaji pasona students

Pasona Education Interviewers (MS1 Students)

Post-interview Remarks

Through this interview, we can now see the thoughts behind the relocation of Pasona Group’s staff, the changes they experienced after the relocation, lifestyle on Awaji Island, and work life balance as a family unit. In addition, we explored the kind of effects Pasona Group’s revitalization has made to the locality.

At Pasona Group, every employee understands the company’s vision and corporate philosophy and gives their very best in order to realize these goals. We can feel that this is a company where every single staff would seriously consider how they can contribute to the society. Because of the pandemic, companies worldwide have recognized the importance of a flexible working style, and have been actively searching for countermeasures with regards to this flexibility. We felt that Pasona Group’s efforts in finding this flexibility is incredibly forward-looking.

Individual comments from interviewers

I was very worried about not being able to speak Japanese fluently, so I was very nervous. But the staff from Pasona were incredibly friendly and spoke to me using simpler Japanese so I could have a smooth conversation with them.

It was great to practice speaking formal Japanese.

I was worried about making mistakes, but I had a fun time.

I have always wanted to visit Awaji Island and this desire has strengthened after the interview.

All the interviewees from Pasona Group were very kind and shared a lot about Pasona and Awaji Island.

Although I was nervous, it was very fun. It has made me want to visit Awaji Island!

At first I was worried about not being able to interact with the Japanese fluently, but I was able to speak what I wanted to convey.

I was nervous, but everyone was very nice and spoke to me nicely. I was very happy.