Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses


We will share an introduction video link in November. Please click this link to register and we will contact you when the video is ready.

Course Contents

Schedule: Mon~Fri, 10:00am~12:30pm & 1:30pm~4:00pm (5 hours per day / 25 hours per week, 11 weeks total)
Location: Pasona Facilities in Awaji, Hyogo, Japan
Level: G2 must be completed before joining Beginners course; G8 must be completed before joining Advancing course; A8 must be completed before joining Mastering course.
Remarks: ※ If you would like to join from the middle (or other points) of the course, please contact us to take a level assessment test.
※ Course dates may be subject to change under travel and COVID-19 restrictions. If the May term is canceled due to changes in regulations, students may join the September term.

Course Characteristics

➤ Student visas are not necessary as it is a 3-month course
➤ Experience the relaxed suburban lifestyle in Awaji Island while you study Japanese
➤ Join various extra-curricular activities and spend weekends with Pasona Group staff with additional fees (i.e., viewing or experiencing Japanese drums, riding bicycles)