Providing the experience of mindfulness to heal your mind and body in the midst of serenity,
‘Zenbo Seinei’, a meditative resort on Awaji Island, opened on April 29th

Awajishima Resort Ltd. opened a meditative resort ‘Zenbo Seinei’ on April 29th to help find the balance to your mind and body by providing care such as Zen activities for your mental health, as well as light meals like congee and tofu to look after your physical needs.

The facility is located in the mountains in northern Awaji and at an altitude of 135 degrees. Away from the busy metropolitan, it is surrounded by stunning views which, through zen activities, allow you feel the beautiful mother nature with all five senses. Other experiences include enjoying a healthy ‘Zenbo cuisine’ made with Awaji vegetables, congee and tofu; Japanese calligraphy to mend your body and soul together; ‘Kodo’ – an appreciation for Japanese incenses; Japanese tea ceremonies to calm your mind. These experiences can be enjoyed as a part of the one-day ‘ZEN Wellness Plan’.

The facility also provides a ‘ZEN Stay Plan’ which additionally includes a soothing Japanese bathing experience that could cleanse your soul with the scents from wood materials and light seeping in from specially designed windows.

Awajishima Resort Ltd. wishes to provide a space for all to soothe their mind and body in the midst of nature.