The Awaji Learning Holiday Program (January Term) is already half way through. The students participating in the program are enjoying their life on Awaji Island very much. Besides studying Japanese, they are taking part in a lot of events and activities. Let us share what they have experienced so far.

They enjoyed interacting with each other in group activities held in Pasona Workation Hub Shizuki where they had a magnificent view of the sea.

In the Pre-Employment Training, they learned Japanese business customs and business manners as well as information about the job market and surrounding environment in Japan.

They visited the Hokudan Earthquake Memorial Park where it displays the devastation caused by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

They visited the Izanagi Shrine where the god and the goddess are worshipped as a couple. According to Japanese mythology, they birthed the islands of Japan. Awaji Island is said to be the first island that was created.

They joined Pasona Group’s futsal practice.

They enjoyed the farming experience in the Challenge Farm.

They learned wadaiko, traditional Japanese drums which used to perform at festivals and other events.

They interviewed the President of All Japan Tourism Alliance (AJTA) and learned Pasona Group’s vision and mission on revitalization on Awaji Island.

They visited Awaji Island Tourist Association and learned the charms of Awaji Island.

They attended the Osaka Job Fair to meet different potential employers and understand what types of job these companies were offering.

They were excited to visit the Godzilla Museum which features large-scale dioramas of scenes from Godzilla movies.

They were impressed by the unique design of Grand Chariot, a luxury resort renowned for stars viewing.

They interviewed the President of Nijigen no Mori, a sensational theme park that combined the worlds of Japanese manga, anime, and game with the latest technology.

They enjoyed a Zen retreat experience in Zenbo Seinei, the newly-built Japanese Zen meditation facility.

They attended a seminar in the Job Expo sponsored by Pasona Group which was held for the first time on Awaji Island.

They were happy to watch a ballet performance which featured Ukrainian dancers helped by Pasona Group Inc.