The Awaji Learning Holiday Program (January Term) has almost come to the end. The students participating in the program continue to enjoy their study life and a wide variety of activities. Let us share what they have experienced from Week 5 to Week 7.

They enjoyed the Jazz Band Lunch Time Show at Hello Kitty Show Box.

They were impressed by the stunning panoramic view of Awaji Hana Sajiki (flower fields) which change with every season.

Nojima Scuola, which is one of Pasona Group’s most successful community revitalization projects on Awaji Island, is cerebrating its 10th anniversary. It is a commercial complex that has a cafe, Italian restaurant, bakery, souvenir shop as well as Nojima Zoo. On this day, students enjoyed feeding animals including sheep, goats, alpaca and pony.

Mr. Segawa, President of Pasona Furusato Incubation Inc., is looking after some of the Pasona facilities including Nojima Scuola. Students had a chance to visit him and listen to Pasona’s challenges of creating jobs on Awaji Island.

They visited the historic Gossakaito archeological site which is the ruins of a forgo workshop on a hilltop, thought to have been used to produce ironware 1800-1900 years ago.

They visited Aiya no taki (Aiya falls) which made them feel refreshed and peaceful.

They visited Onokorojima Shrine where, according to Kojiki (“Records of Ancient Matters”), the islands of Japan originated and all the Gods of Japan were born.

They visited Senzan Senkoji temple, located at the summit of Senzan, which is believed to be the first mountain to appear in Japan and is well known by its nickname “Awaji Fuji”.

They joined the Tokyo Job Fair.

They enjoyed a paper making experience.

They interacted with Awaji Youth Federation (AYF) fellows in Focus Groups.

They enjoyed the concert at Naminoritei. This concert was part of the Italian fair that was held by Pasona Group from February 23 to March 5.

They enjoyed the Don Quixote ballet performance which was also part of the Italian fair.

They enjoyed watching a beautiful sunset as well as having a delicious Awaji beef dinner at Ocean Terrace.