The Awaji Learning Holiday Program (January Term) has successfully completed in March. In Week 8, the students enjoyed an indigo dyeing experience. After giving a great presentation in the closing ceremony, they all returned to Hong Kong.

After returning to Hong Kong, we had a lunch gathering and they shared their experiences with us. Regarding Japanese studies, they all agreed that their listening and speaking skills have massively improved. Due to the immersive environment and needing to communicate with Japanese people inside and outside of classrooms, they are now able to carry out conversations quicker with higher precision.

They expressed that the highlight of the course was the wonderful experience attending the Osaka Job Fair and Tokyo Job Expo, which enabled them to have the chance to attend several job interviews. They said that from the pre-employment training, they learned how to write Japanese style resumes, behave in job interviews and prepare the related documents more properly.

During their stay on Awaji Island, they enjoyed many of our Pasona facilities, including the beautiful scenery at Ocean Terrace, the exciting Godzilla Zipline, the enjoyable Hello Kitty 3D Showbox, and the Zen retreat “Zenbo Seinei”.

There were many unforgettable moments in this Learning Holiday Program. They were all very happy that they could experience Japanese culture in Japan. A student said they have learned football techniques from Pasona staff through participating in futsal practices, one of their after-work activities. They were very impressed by their football skills. Another student says it was very memorable that they got to learn how to play the traditional Japanese drums.

Overall, they all enjoyed living on Awaji Island, where they can easily access Kobe and Shikoku. They wanted to live there longer to continue their Japanese studies as well as explore more places.