Open Seminars

Open seminars are regularly held all over Asia (i.e., Japan, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.)

Participants of the seminars will be able to improve specific skills through case studies, group work, discussions or presentations.

Through working with other aspiring individuals, participants can then see the world with different perspectives which will in turn motivate them in their career.

Open Seminar Schedule

Please contact Mr. Tamura or Ms. Celia Lam on 2577 8002 for application.

Logical Thinking (Feb 20)

Equip yourself with logical thinking for more efficient problem solving skills! PDF-d2

Effective Negotiation Skills (Feb 21)

Learn effective techniques and strategies to negotiate better deals! PDF-d2

New-Hire Professionalism (Feb 27)

Prepare for the real world and strive to exceed expectations! PDF-d2

Basic Japanese Business Manner (Feb 27)

Understand intercultural communication and enhance business practices! PDF-d2

Leading for Results (Feb 28)

Learn leadership skills and lead your team to succeed! PDF-d2

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