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“Awajishima Photo Competition” Result Announcements

Thank you for giving “Likes” on our Facebook in the past two weeks. Below are the results: First Place Title of work: The World of Tadao Ando Photographer: Kay Second Place Title: Hope Photographer: Samuel Third Place Title of work: Bell of Happiness Photographer: Irene Congratulations to the above winners, [...]

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Japan Autumn Festival – Special Private Tuition Campaign for New Students

Enroll in our Japanese/English/Mandarin private tuition and enjoy 10% off on tuition fees! New students and students who have taken a break for more than one year can enjoy this privilege. Valid from October 9 to November 30. (The commencement date of the private tuition must be on or before December 15.) Features of our [...]

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Awaji Learning Holiday Program (Special Report)

Welcome to the special report on the Awaji Learning Holiday Program. Here, we would like to share some of the comments we received from the participants. I’m most grateful to have had joined Parsona’s study tour to Awajishima last August. Following the program, we were busy visiting places, interviewing different local people [...]

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Special Japanese Course

For a Japanese learner, listening, particles, transitive and intransitive verbs, the acts of giving and receiving are some of the hardest areas to master. We now offer a series of Special Japanese Courses to help you focus on improving these areas. (2) Listening Course (2) Grammar and Conversation Course Class Schedule [...]

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Former Students Study Again Campaign

Terms and Conditions: Former students from Jun 2023 Term or before are eligible for this campaign. Students must complete the course and pay off the entirety of the tuition fees before receiving the cashback via bank transfer at the end of Sep 2024. Deadline for enrollment to this campaign is May 31, 2024. Pasona Education [...]

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學校通告 School News (for Former Students)

好消息!我們推出「舊生重報現金回贈計劃」!2023年6月學期或之前的舊生重新報讀本校日語班,完成2024年6月學期的課程後,便可獲贈全期學費10%的現金回贈,快來一齊繼續學日語! 初級日語課程Grade 1:5月2日開始接受報名 報讀初級日語課程Grade 2或以上的學員須考入學試。 入學試:4月25日開始接受報名 條款細則:https://bit.ly/45jVsJT Great news! We are launching the “Former Students Study Again Campaign”! Former students from Jun 2023 Term or before who enroll in our Japanese classes will get 10% cashback upon completion of Jun 2024 Term. Time to study Japanese together again! General Japanese Course: Enrollment starts from May [...]

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Microware 美高域 MP3

第3課:數字、時間與節日 第4課:電話常用語 A 第4課:電話常用語 B 第6課:與內地人打開話題 第7課: 日程安排 第8課:談吃談喝 第9課:宴請客人 第10課:應酬消遣 [...]

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學校通告 School News (for Intensive students)

期末考試通告 Final Test Newsletter 請細閱以下的期末考試通告。 Please read the final test newsletter below. Final Test Newsletter PDF xxx 免費日語試堂 Free Japanese Trial Lesson 本校將於5月18日舉辦「免費日語試堂」﹝由日本人老師授課﹞,歡迎介紹朋友參加,讓你的朋友在考慮是否報讀我們的日文班前,可以預先了解我們的導師質素、教學方法和學習環境。 報名:https://forms.gle/9f44h2WUVTt2eouy5 * 只限非Pasona學生參加 Do your friends want to experience what it's like to learn Japanese, taught by native Japanese teachers? Here's the chance to sign up for a free [...]

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