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307, 2022

Summer Japanese Courses

It's a great chance for your kids to study Japanese with our native Japanese teachers during this summer holiday. These courses will focus on practical expressions such as greetings, and [...]

207, 2022

Special Online Courses

For a Japanese learner, pronunciation, listening and particles are some of the hardest areas to master. Pronouncing accurately and using correct particles will help you minimise misunderstandings and avoid [...]

1206, 2022

Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses FAQ

Dates 22 September, 2022 You should aim to arrive in Awaji on or before 20 September for the orientation. Once the entry restrictions from Japan are lifted; and When [...]

205, 2022

Zenbo Seinei Opened on Awaji Island

Providing the experience of mindfulness to heal your mind and body in the midst of serenity, ‘Zenbo Seinei’, a meditative resort on Awaji Island, opened on April 29th Awajishima Resort [...]

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