【Updated News on Oct 14】

Our face-to-face lessons resumed in late September.

To safeguard the health of our students and staff, we have implemented a series of precautionary measures.
1. Students are required to wear a mask in our school premises.
2. Students are required to have their temperature taken when entering our school premises.
3. Students are required to use hand sanitizer when entering our classrooms.
4. Alcohol wet wipes are available in the classrooms. You can feel free to clean the tables and chairs using these wipes

If you have been to other countries in the past 14 days and have had close contact with any suspected cases or have experienced respiratory infection symptoms, please stay home to quarantine and do not return to school.

Regarding future arrangements of lessons, please continue to check for updates on our website and Facebook as this may change depending on the situation.

What’s New

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Practical Japanese Course

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Open Webinars in November

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Webinar on Career in Japan

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World’s First Godzilla Museum Opens on Awaji Island

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