【Updated News on July 24】

Due to the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, all Japanese face-to-face class lessons will continue to be held online until further notice.

Regarding private tuition, please contact our Student Consultant on 2577 8002.

Regarding future arrangements of lessons, please continue to check for updates on our website and Facebook as this may change depending on the situation.


What’s New

1307, 2020

Zoom Steps for Our Students

1. Download the “Zoom Client for Meetings” software (for PC) from https://zoom.us/download or the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app (for mobile) from App Store or Google Play. 2. We will SMS you the Meeting ID for [...]

307, 2020

Summer Japanese Courses

It's a great chance for your kids to study Japanese with our native Japanese teachers during this summer holiday. These courses will focus on practical expressions such as greetings, and correct pronunciation. Students can enjoy [...]

1805, 2020

Online Japanese Course

Enroll in the “Online General Japanese Course” and study Japanese with our native Japanese teachers from the comfort of your home or office. Grade 1 enrollment starts on May 28. Placement test enrollment starts on [...]

2204, 2020

Open Webinars in June and July

The next open webinars are going to be held in June and July that include a wide variety of new topics such as Basic Japanese Business Manner, Logical Thinking Under COVID-19, Managing Virtual Teams [...]

1704, 2020

25-Minute Online Chat

Want to brush up your Mandarin and Cantonese conversation skills? Now is the best time! Like our Facebook page and show the coupon on our Facebook upon enrollment to enjoy a special offer for our [...]

603, 2020

Google Classroom Steps for Our Students

1. Go to classroom.google.com (for PC) on your web browser or download the “Google Classroom” app (for mobile) from App Store or Google Play. 2. Please use your gmail account to log in. If you [...]