English Lesson

Lesson Programmes

This programme is designed to reinforce the 4 basic language skills of English, namely speaking, listening, reading and writing, through a carefully graded programme. All classes are conducted in English and are taught by experienced English teachers.

Areas of focus:

  • Grammar
  • 4 Basic Language Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)
One of the key elements of excelling in business is the ability to communicate clearly, succinctly and quickly. In this course we will provide you with the skills you need to achieve your business aims. Whether it is through a persuasive presentation, building your corporate network through small talk or just being able to express your opinions in a meeting, we will guide you through step by step to help you communicate confidently.
As the world moves and changes rapidly, those who have the knowledge and experience will have an advantage over their competitors. This training programme not only provides the language skills necessary for successful communication but also the knowledge to help your organization gain this vital edge over others. We provide both general and specific training or we can tailor our courses to match your organization’s goals.

  • General/ Business course
  • Hotel, Food and Beverage, Retail
Our courses cover the skills and strategies needed for you to achieve the score you are looking for. We will help you improve your language proficiency and offer opportunities to practice 4 basic language skills. We also provide mock tests to help students to prepare for the test.

Studies show that children at an early age can master the basics building blocks of language. With our programme of phonics, reading, writing and speaking we can help your children work towards being bilingual. Grasp the opportunity while your children are still young, start their language education today.

  • Phonics
  • 4 Basic Language Skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing)
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