Cantonese Lesson

Lesson Programmes

This course is designed for those with zero knowledge in Cantonese. The course will cover phrases and vocabularies that are useful for everyday situations.

  • Topics and settings include at the restaurant, shopping, taking the minibus or taxi, etc
  • Students will also have a chance to learn about the lifestyle, culture, and history of Hong Kong and its people
  • For class lessons, field trips will be made to practice the language outside of the classroom

(Field trips are also available for private tuition students. Please speak with a consultant if you are interested.)

This course is a continuation of the Survival Cantonese course and aims to help students with blending into the Hong Kong environment effortlessly. It will enable students to familiarize themselves with a wide range of everyday Cantonese.

  • Topics include shopping at a wet market, going to a hair salon, getting a massage, eating out at dessert houses, cooking, special occasions etc.
This course is a continuation of the Elementary Cantonese course and aims to develop communication skills using more advanced vocabulary, phrases and grammar. Upon completion of this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong customs and thinking, which can in turn contribute to a more meaningful stay in Hong Kong.
cantonese lesson