Special Weather Arrangements

Please find the lesson arrangements in the table below.

Signals Amber / Red / No. 3 Black / No. 8 or High Signal
Class or Session On Schedule* Automatically Cancelled

(unless already in progress for Black Rainstorm Warning)

* If you are under age 18, please get your parents’ or guardians’ consent before coming to your lesson at the school.

Black Rainstorm Warning

Once the black rainstorm warning is raised, all lessons will be cancelled, unless they are already in progress.  The official advice is to remain where you are until the warning is lowered.

No. 8 or Higher Typhoon Signal

When the Hong Kong Observatory officially announces that a no. 8 or higher typhoon signal is imminent, all lessons will be cancelled immediately.  However, if the lessons are already in progress, they might be stopped immediately.

Class Restart Time

Please note that classes will restart two hours after the black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal no. 8 has been lowered.  Classes that would have started less than two hours after the lowering of the black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal no. 8 will automatically be cancelled.

However, if the signals are lowered at or after 17:40 on weekdays, 16:00 on Saturdays and 13:20 on Sundays, all the classes or sessions will be cancelled for that evening.  Regrettably, classes or sessions cancelled cannot be rescheduled or refunded. (Private tuition lessons will be postponed at no charge.)

Special Half-Lesson Case

A special “half-lesson” case will be made for any Japanese class courses which have a duration of 2.5 or more hours per lesson.  Please refer the special “half-lesson” case to the attached table.