Summer Japanese Courses

It's a great chance for your kids to study Japanese with our native Japanese teachers during this summer holiday. These courses will focus on practical expressions such as greetings, and correct pronunciation. Students can enjoy learning through games, arts & crafts and guided conversations. Our Summer Japanese Courses will start in mid-August. Come and enroll [...]

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Special Online Courses

For a Japanese learner, pronunciation, listening and particles are some of the hardest areas to master. Pronouncing accurately and using correct particles will help you minimise misunderstandings and avoid embarrassing situations! We now offer a series of Special Online Courses to help you focus on improving these areas: (1) Pronunciation Course (2) Listening Course [...]

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Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses FAQ

Dates 22 September, 2022 You should aim to arrive in Awaji on or before 20 September for the orientation. Once the entry restrictions from Japan are lifted; and When we have enough application to meet the minimum number of the course, we will announce it on our official channels. Min number for General: 10 [...]

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Zenbo Seinei Opened on Awaji Island

Providing the experience of mindfulness to heal your mind and body in the midst of serenity, ‘Zenbo Seinei’, a meditative resort on Awaji Island, opened on April 29th Awajishima Resort Ltd. opened a meditative resort ‘Zenbo Seinei’ on April 29th to help find the balance to your mind and body by providing care such as [...]

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Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses

Awaji Intensive Japanese Courses Important Dates Course Contents Schedule: Mon~Fri, 10:00am~12:30pm & 1:30pm~4:00pm (5 hours per day / 25 hours per week, 11 weeks total) Location: Pasona Facilities in Awaji, Hyogo, Japan Level: G2 must be completed before joining Beginners course; G8 must be completed before joining Advancing course; [...]

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Japanese Trial Lesson

Want to experience what it's like to learn Japanese, taught by Native Japanese Teachers? Here's your chance to sign up for a free Japanese trial lesson and get to know our teacher quality, methods and learning environment!Date: May 28, 2022 (Saturday)Time:Beginner Level 1:00pm-2:00pmLower Elementary Level 2:30pm-3:30pmHigher Elementary Level 2:30pm-3:30pmIntermediate Level 1:00pm-2:00pmLocation: Pasona Education (Causeway Bay)* [...]

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Japanese Teacher Training Course

This course includes Japanese language teaching methods and practices with theory. It is suitable for people who are planning to be Japanese language teachers. Date : May 10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19 Time : 9:30am-1:00pm Tuition Fee : HK$3,800 For enrollment please download the application form. * This course is conducted in Japanese.

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