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Mandarin Lesson

Lesson Programmes

This course aims to develop basic speaking skills through building sentence structure in Mandarin through the study of different situations and the use of illustrations to aid with learning.


  • None; suitable for expatriates with zero knowledge in Mandarin
This course is designed for those who have zero knowledge in the language and starts by familiarizing students with Hanyu Pinyin while gradually introducing daily conversational topics. Upon completion of Elementary Mandarin, students will be able to use Mandarin for daily communications.


  • Step 1 – None; suitable for those with zero knowledge in Mandarin;
  • Those who have previously studied Mandarin for more than 30 hours will be asked to skim through the course materials to decide which step they should enroll in
This course is a continuation of our elementary courses and is designed for those who have either completed our elementary courses or those with a basic knowledge of Mandarin. Selecting popular topics like Chinese society, culture and customs, students can study vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. Upon completion of the Intermediate Mandarin, students will be able to understand basic Chinese paragraphs and can express their opinions in Mandarin.


  • Completion of Elementary Mandarin
  • Placement assessment to be administered if ability is uncertain
These courses aim to prepare students for the Mandarin examinations by teaching them the exam writing techniques and practicing with mock examination questions. Upon completion of the preparation course, students are encouraged to write the examination to test their levels.

Courses available:

  • Strategies for the Chinese Proficiency Test for the Japanese (中國語檢定試驗)
  • Strategies for the Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì (HSK – 漢語水平考試)
  • Skills for the PSC Examination (國家語委普通話水平測試)
This course is designed for businesspeople with a basic knowledge of Mandarin and focuses on the business aspect of the language. Topics such as socializing in a business setting will be used to practice conversations and improve fluency.


  • Completion of Intermediate Mandarin;
  • Placement assessment to be administered if ability is uncertain

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